What is standing between you and your audience right now? This is the question a lot of our work addresses—and solves.

We founded Turner-Riggs in 2001 to create a new kind of consulting team for clients in the publishing and education sectors. We focus on understanding how markets work and how to approach them, and especially on innovative strategies to push companies and projects ahead.

Our biggest projects result in the creation of new online platforms to reach target audiences. Our services include:

  • Research and market insights
  • Strategic advice
  • Branding and positioning
  • Web or application development
  • Design for print or web
  • Content development (lots of writing, lots of editing)
  • Marketing
  • Project design and management

And don’t miss the chance to check out ReaderBound, our new joint venture with Mugo Web. ReaderBond is a new platform for building and operating websites just for book publishers and it is loaded with features designed to help publishers promote and sell their books online.

Industry and conference presentations, we do those.

Margaret Atwood is down with 49th Shelf and you should be too.