We are Kiley Turner and Craig Riggs. We live in Ottawa, but we work everywhere. We work closely with our clients in growing their brands so they are relevant and exciting to target audiences, and in figuring out ways to stomp your competition into the cold, hard ground.

We’re kidding about that last part. Mostly.

Seven Things About Us

We’re into simple.

Sometimes clever works, but often, it looks forced. We live in an era where citizens and consumers see through clever … but appreciate smart. Smart is often simple—always has been, always will be. Simple as in clean. Authentic. Elegant.

We like to stretch.

No problem has one solution, and new ways of approaching things are always exciting. We’ll consider anything, so long as it’s the most effective and efficient solution for the project goal.

It’s not who you know, it’s who we know.

We assemble teams based on project requirements. Sometimes it’s just us, and sometimes we bring in backup. We have a close-knit network of collaborators that includes programmers, designers, and subject specialists. We bring the best to bear on each project we take on.

It’s Turner. Then Riggs.

Just because of how it sounds. Really!

We get around.

Borders mean nothing to us. (Okay, they mean we love Skype, and we sometimes work very early or very late). Our diverse clients are based all over—coast to coast in Canada and beyond.

You can bribe us with food.

Need to squeeze a deadline? Want something above and beyond from us? We’re unrepentant chowhounds; catch us in a food haze and anything’s possible.

We deliver.

But don’t take our word for it … ask a client!


Kiley Turner tells stories. She is a content marketing specialist: a writer, editor, and creative director whose projects span print, web, and mixed media. Kiley has managed publication teams, consulted with publishing houses, developed brand strategy, designed positioning strategies, and written copy and content for more sectors and styles than anyone can remember. She is the Managing Editor of 49thShelf.com, a unique online platform for Canadian books, an after-hours blogger, and an insightful commentator on social trends and issues. You can find her on Twitter @kileyturner.

Craig Riggs has more than 20 years experience in building brands and developing markets, and has led major marketing initiatives in Canada, Asia, and South America. His current portfolio emphasizes the development of new web platforms, publishing technology, content marketing, and audience development. He is currently leading the 49thShelf.com project, one of the largest and most ambitious book marketing projects in the history of Canadian publishing, and is actively engaged in commissioned research on rapidly evolving strategies and trends in book marketing, book discovery, and consumer behaviour. He holds a Masters in Publishing and is an adjunct professor at Simon Fraser University. He is quietly on Twitter @craigriggs.

Adrienne Guthrie is a project manager, writer/editor, and friendly taskmaster. For over 15 years she has held a variety of high-level roles in media, government and publishing. In 2013 she channelled her vast skills and contacts to launch January Content & Strategy, a communications firm devoted to helping other businesses and professionals effectively tell their stories. A proud associate of Turner-Riggs, she also leads community outreach efforts for 49thShelf.com, a website devoted to Canadian books and authors. Find her at @ajgu3.


A poster from the Made Here. Read Everywhere campaign for the BC Association of Magazine Publishers. The campaign featured magazine placements, outdoor media, animated pre-cinema advertisements, and print collateral – all supported by a campaign website and contest promotion.