Content and strategy
for publishing and education


They’re busy and distracted, but they’ll stop for good content.

They’ll listen. And share.

But first you have to reach them.

Turner-Riggs has had a major impact on our business. They’re a very agile team that can come to grips with complex issues and respond quickly, and they’re an absolute pleasure to work with. 
– Markus Badde, CEO, ICEF GmbH


When you think of it from that perspective, opportunities open up, and you form the relationships you need for your brand to succeed. Brand stories don’t matter unless they connect with the people they’re meant to affect, and unless they stimulate engagement and action.

49th Shelf links Canadian books of every description, every genre, every age level, to readers across the country and around the world. What could be more important, or more Canadian, than that? 
– Carolyn Wood, Former Executive Director, Association of Canadian Publishers


At Turner-Riggs we work closely with clients to figure out new ways to build markets, engage audiences, and tell stories.

We’ve been at it for more than a decade, thanks mainly to a group of fantastic, long-running clients and an equally wonderful network of colleagues who join us on many of our projects.

We focus on two sectors: publishing and education.

We love what we do, because we love what our clients do.

Not only did Turner-Riggs transform our complicated content into something that was easy to read and easy to understand, with a style and humour that befit our brand, they also played the part of strategic advisor throughout the process. Our website is significantly better than it would have been without them and their value to us was several multiples higher than the final bill. We will definitely work with them again. 
– Nick Quain, CEO, CellWand