Our work

We’re proud of every project we’ve ever delivered over the last decade or more. There are too many to list here but we have highlighted a few good examples below.

And may we also invite you to check out ReaderBound, our new joint venture with Mugo Web. (Spoiler alert: there are lots of beautiful websites for outstanding book publishers to be found by following this link.)


49thShelf.com is a website that brings together more Canadian books than any other source in the world—with more than 100,000 titles in its database; a popular blog; countless book lists by editors, authors, and members; and an avid community of readers and fans. 49thShelf.com is devoted to celebrating Canadian books and to making it easy for readers to find them.

We conceptualized, developed, and launched 49thShelf.com as one of the most innovative and ambitious collaborative platforms for Canadian books in the history of the industry. We have been actively engaged on the project since its inception in 2009 and continue to lead its development and operations today. Our work on this landmark platform keeps us in close contact with a wide range of issues shaping the Canadian publishing industry today: shifting retail channels, the changing nature of book discovery, bibliographic data and the inner workings of the Canadian and international supply chains, the print-to-digital shift, changes in reading and buyer behaviour, and many other aspects of the contemporary Canadian book marketplace.

ICEF Monitor

ICEF Monitor is the leading market intelligence resource for international educators and stakeholders across the world. International education is among the leading export sectors for major economies such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and a catalyst for the development of global social, community, political, and business links.

The site delivers industry news, market intelligence, research, interviews, videos, presentation files, infographics, best practice tips and trends—all with a firm focus on international student recruitment.

We dreamed up, developed, and launched ICEF Monitor and today serve as its editors, providing original content nearly every day on market trends, established and emerging world markets, best practices, and marketing strategy for international recruitment for a subscriber base of more than 42,000 industry leaders worldwide.

Reading Canada: A Literary Tour in Seven Parts

An early initiative of Canada’s Guest of Honour program at the 2020 Frankfurt Book Fair, Reading Canada is a literary tour of the country that provides an intriguing overview of Canadian books, publishers, and authors.

Working in both English and French-language markets in Canada, we led an extended team of publishing professionals, consultants, translators, and editors across the country to produce this heavily illustrated and engaging book. Also notable in the process was the considerable input and assistance we received via extensive contacts with literary agents and publishers across the country.

With text in English, French, and German, Reading Canada was first released at the 2017 Frankfurt Book Fair, and has been widely circulated since among stakeholders and industry contacts in Europe and elsewhere with the goal of boosting awareness of and interest in Canadian publishing.

Turner-Riggs Market Studies

We have conducted several major national studies on the Canadian publishing industry in recent years, including:

  1. The Book Retail Sector in Canada, Department of Canadian Heritage, 2007
  2. Book Distribution in Canada’s English-Language Market, Department of Canadian Heritage, 2008
  3. Audiobook and eBook Publishing in Canada, Library and Archives Canada, 2009
  4. A Study of Canada’s Book Import Regulations, Department of Canadian Heritage, 2012
  5. Current and Future Reading Technologies Used by People with Disabilities, Human Resource Development Canada, 2012
  6. Book Discovery and Book Marketing in Canada’s English-Language Market, Department of Canadian Heritage, 2013

Each of these has been an in-depth investigation of major components of the contemporary book marketplace, ranging from channels to market to consumer behaviour to the digital marketplace to domestic and international supply chains and on to a wide range of policy, strategy, and competitive issues.

Each has further expanded our contacts with Canadian publishing firms, booksellers, librarians, industry groups, and other stakeholders, and each has given us access to a rich field of subject experts, proprietary data, and research resources across the Canadian industry.

Our research has been covered and cited in national and trade media and has been widely referenced as authoritative research within the book trade and beyond.